• Mt. McKinley Summit, Highest Peak in North America (Alaska)
  • Mt. Rainier at 5:45am leaving base camp (Washington)
  • 3rd pitch of Epinephrine (Nevada)
  • Summit of Mont Blanc, Highest Peak in the Alps (France)
  • Mt. Breithorn Summit (Switzerland)
  • Mt. Temple Summit via the East Ridge (Alberta)
  • On the Swiss summit of the Matterhorn (Switzerland)
  • Approaching a summit ridge (France)
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Monday, May 16, 2011

As I sit here in Kathmandu waiting to change my flight to Calgary I contemplate the past 2 years of taining and everyone who made this moment possible. I owe a lot of thanks to many different people and would like to take this opportunity to mention a few of them.- so thank you to.....
My kids Katie and Billy - my inspirations

John Furneaux - great friend and Canadian guide and Everest team (2x Everest summitter)- too bad we didn't summit together this time but yourcould not have succeeded without your mentorship or claimed the other peaks we have together. Look forward to our next trip.

Wayne Johnson - my inspirational fitness trainer and friend (4-5x weeklyfor 1-2.5 hours for past 2 years) - never had the same work out and has really been challenged in trying to respond huge weight flucuations caused by many long expeditions and my busy schedule. Never left a work out bored or felt like there was more in the tank.

Borger Group of Companies Team - couldn't have had maintained the training schedule or climbing schedule without your help

Larry Dolecki - Icefall Lodge owner and Canadian Guide and friend - thank you for so many safe peaks in the rockies

Pierre Hungr - With Pierre I share my greatest Epic on Mount Rainier and another fun climb on Denali

Norman Winter - the August in the Alps spent on the great peaks like the Matterhorn, Mt. Blanc and many others with always be in my memory as a great time. A couple of the rockies we have claimed leave us both planning our next trip up Mt. Assinaboine
Everest Sherpa Team - if I ever get a chance to climb in the Himilayas again I will definitely be call the exact same team

David Howse - Matterhorn PR - its been a blast - as a friend and a media guru appreciate your catering to my stylings and exposure allowances and never letting the media set the pace

Andrew Bunka - Website guru - I was impressed!

Suresh Sharma - a great friend and basecamp manager upon arrival. Thanks buddy!!

Calgary Handibus - its been a blast! Thank you for letting me contribute to your organization
Forum X

The rest of my firends and family who constantly showed their support and encouragement

Alloy Dining - for helping me re bulk up between expeditions with customized meals

Calgary Herald, Fan 960 and Global TV for the very tasteful and well designed media coverage

Also I was not sponsered by anyone in any way so here is my unbiased choices for mountaineering gear if you are interested:

  • sleeping bags - Marmot -40C down filled
  • Underlayers - Icebreaker gear only! its the only gear that 5 days of not changing the smell is bearable - (lulu lemon non-stink stuff doesn't compare)
  • tents - MEC
  • Downsuit - Mountain Hardware
  • High Alt Boots - La Sportiva
  • Technical boots - La Sportiva
  • trekiing boots - Solomon
  • High Alt glasses - Jublo
  • regular mountain clothing - Arcteryx
  • high alt mitts - outdoor research
  • high alt electronics - panasonic toughbook with flashdrive substitute, Sony Flash memory camera, iphone, headlamps - black diamond
  • Calgay's best stores for finding high quality mountaineering gear - Atmosphere and Camper's Village and MEC

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