Bill’s Climbing Quote of the week

In 2012, with John Furneaux and myself half way up the face of Mt. Thor (Artic Circle), pioneering a new route and not knowing with certainty that it would go, a gear holding strap broke which sent all of the pitons on a 2500ft free fall down the face. The pitons were necessary for any potential retreat and as such the only option became topping out to descend the backside; that descent did not require as much gear. After a brief moment to comprehend what just happened, and recognizing that the closest rescue helicopter was 3000km south of us, John looked at me and said, “well … I guess we are definitely making the news now … one way or the other”

What Bill is doing now!

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I had some huge objectives planned for the 2013 rock season; El Capitan in Yosemite and the Howser Tower in the Bugaboos. In May, with only a few Squamish training days under my belt, my excitement for the 2013 rock climbing season ended, an injured arm being the culprit. Although my golf game has got a huge boast from me spending less time on the rock, I haven’t been able to climb since. My 2013 rock objectives will have to wait for another season. I am still struggling with the same injury but working diligently on it so I don’t also miss the upcoming ice climbing season, that would be tragic!

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