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Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.

- Evan Hardin

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APRIL 2015: It was a very quiet ice climbing season for me; abnormally warm temperatures and a challenging economy have kept me around town and in the office. However, now I am back planning my rock climbing objectives for this year, with John Furneaux – and that’s always a fun time – planning it I mean; its terrifying when the plans actually come to fruition as I find I’m always braver during the planning stages. Its all good though – keeps me motivated and training.

Simultaneously to the climbing fun, John and I are down to the short strokes in the planning for the attack on the North Pole for March 2016. We have a training run planned for next November at Lake Manitoba but otherwise everything looks like it is on schedule for a North Pole expedition in March 2016. John has been doing the bulk of the leg work, and thank you for that John. He has been in contact with numerous gear suppliers and providing innovative ideas for our expedition gear of which my favorite piece is my new custom Wolverine Fur Arcteryx Soft Shell jacket. Besides the jacket we are fully geared up with everything from custom sleds and dry suits to boots and satellite systems. It looks like Kenn Borek Air, who became a household name in 2001 by conducting the first ever South Pole rescue during the Polar Winter, is considering being our air support for our North Pole adventure which would be a great relief as it remains the last piece of the puzzle that could completely derail the plans.

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